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 Brand is the soul of enterprise, the enterprise without the brand is equivalent to a person without thinking. No thinking person in social groups is dead-alive, is not recognized by people. The same to the enterprise, Enterprises, as well, want to be recognized by consumers, need to create their own brands, expand awareness, reputation and loyalty of their brand. Increased awareness rely on brand promotion. Reputation and loyalty to a brand, to be on the basis of well-known, means let consumers create a sense of dependence, which relate to various aspects of the product, such as product quality, services, and so on.

Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co,. Ltd always uphold customer-oriented, quality first, the quality are seen as fundamental to the corporate survival and development, our company has a strict inspection system and production control process to ensure product quality and stability, the following give you a brief introduction about the company's inspection and control procedures,

Firstly, the Quality Inspectors test the shims on the backing plates after doing measurement.

Secondly, inspect each batch of raw materials strictly

Thirdly, measure the backing plates with a caliperd

"Asked  him what so clear, as only water flowing" , and is willing in the near future, those solid concept of the quality and quality measures, such as rain baptism look after the earth, let us persevere with first-class quality of work, impeccable products to build first-class brand, and open up a broader market prospects, to create a more substantial economic benefits, let RUBRAKE become one of the leading enterprises of brake pads.

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Shandong Rong Bang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


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