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In order to create a united and harmonious team atmosphere, enrich their spiritual and cultural life, reflects the company's concern for employees, our company organized a three days tour in two batches to Weihai and Yantai, the team were composed of RUBRAKE’S administrative staff, excellent employees of workshop and their families.

We visited the Huaxiacheng of Weihai, Weihai’s beach, the happiness Gate Park, the Asia’s largest wildlife park and the Penglai Pavilion. We had a happy and delightful journey. How time flies! We left the laughter and footprint on the beach, back with good memories and cheerful mood.

These tourism activities broaden our horizons, lift the spirit of teamwork and good enterprise culture; enhance communication links between employees and strengthen team cohesion in a relaxed mood, it’s a great way to build a team.

With the development of our company, we also highly regard of enterprise culture, and enrich the spiritual and cultural lives of employees. Our company organize the company tours every year as a tradition, to let employees feel the warm and care from our company and colleagues, fully embodies RUBRAKE’S people-oriented concept, and create a harmonious family atmosphere as well.

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