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The date of February 11, 2015, is the Minor Lunar New Year of China. On this special day, we

held a awards ceremony to commend the Annual Excellent Employees.

The meeting is divided into two parts. Firstly, our General Manager Mr. Song introduced the

managers who are in charge of every department, including the founders of our company, and

young backbones as well.

Secondly, the Production Director Mr. Gao announced the list of the Annual Excellent Employees.

Then awarded honorary certificates and gifts. Our Vice General Manager Limei made a speech,

sharing with us the harmony of our company, encouraged everyone to wish our future will be


Finally, Our General Manager Mr. Song expressed the New Year’s Greetings, and assure us that

no matter how is the social economic situation in the future, RUBRAKE will make progress

constantly. We have always been one with a conscience to do business. Our company will be

responsible for all employees. We are responsible for all of our users. In 2015, we will do our

products more attentively, and repay society with better service!

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