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With the continuous development of the company, and old customers growing and new customers coming. Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co.,Ltd not only need a stable production line,but also need a more huge and efficiency warehouse to match with the production capability. Therefore, our company invested 6 million yuan and eight months to build a 10000 square meters warehouse which can take 1.2 million sets products in 2013, it was opened officially in Feb 2014.We will carry out a series projects according to new warehousing logistics center, it is include the function are a

separate, old warehouse move to new warehouse ,the inventory ERP building and update correctly and 5S etc.

  The establishment of the new logistics center has important and far-reaching significance. Firstly it can meet the

requirement of the orders increasing ;Secondly, it can satisfy the customer demand who want to keep some stocks in the warehouse in order to ship the goods quickly; Thirdly,

it is beneficial to enhance our company competiton in the market. At last it is good to make our transport procedure orderly and build a fast-class international transport center

  We believe that through our joint efforts, our logistics center will work with correctly data and highly efficiency, we are building a first-class transport center and connecting our products with globle internet.

  Rongbang, u are deserved to be watched !

Logistics department , Liu Yuzhu

On February 22,2014

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