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Yangchun March, spring, this is a spring season, the flowers in rain fed, women rely on loving care.

In 2013 March launched the "happy woman week, Confidante maintenance hui"

Details of the event:

1, free testing, the battery, the KIA user vehicle brake, tire, air conditioning system, brake oil, coolant, light check. (March 6, 2013-- March 31, 2013)

2, to the shop repair, maintenance of consumption of 300 yuan(including 300 yuan) and one draw, and so on. (the accident carexcept) (March 6, 2013 -- March 31, 2013)

3, to the store to replace the original factory brakes sent 50 yuantime stamp (March 6, 2013 -- March 31, 2013)

4, in late March, Dongfeng Yueda KIA manufacturers from luckyuser Fu Han travel from participating in the "three eight day" activities in the customer (4 days and 3 nights)

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