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The first is to be frank, that is honest.

We must sincerely express our thoughts to each other, neither eluding nor presenting a false picture of peace and prosperity. After all, the truth is the maximum power, lies will eventually make people lose trust in you.

The second is together, teaching is the most effective and practical way of leadership.

When the director fight together with subordinates, they will see your professional, the ability to solve problems and the wisdom to map out a strategy. These can win respect of subordinates naturally, and is one of the best career education.

The third is to keep promise

Whether to abide by the promise, not only reveal the personality and charm, but also an important key to win the trust.

The fourth is to know how to love your partner.

Because of love, you will get to know your team’s needs and dreams, you will create the joy of yourself and at the same time, help your department in achieving the growth of the company.
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