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Each worker at the production line of Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts CO., LTD has self-discipline, lead by example, strict compliance with company rules and regulations, dedication, to the stringent requirements of self, and always maintain a good image of staff. The front-line employees transform their love of the team to infinite motivation to work. no matter what position, keep their attitude positive and resolutely obey the arrangement of leadership.

1. No matter how busy they will work with a smile, to do each product according to the order process.

2、When people are sleeping at midnight, they are still in the focus of work. When you and your family seat beside the fire to have hot pot, they are working. When you are planning where you are going to on your next holiday, they are still at work.

3、Good at thinking, work positively, The employees of grinding process are checking the requirements carefully in the computer to ensure the products are qualified.

4. Here is our best quality inspector, who working hard every day for the quality of the product, test the process parameters and view the temperature of the Positive Molding Press Equipment.

5. We are strict with product quality, the managers check each key quality controlling points every week. Heres our managers, they are viewing the product quality for each process in the workshops and discuss with front-line workers.

Our front-line workers do a serious dedication to their jobs, cast up a monument of High-Quality through their real actions. No matter what position we are in, as long as love our work and be devoted to it, continue to enrich ourselves, there will be more opportunities and challenges waiting for us. Let us make progress together, do our best for the development of our company and become the most beautiful staff.

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