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(Production of High-Quality Brake Pads)

Due to increasing vehicle speed, the requirements of the heat fade performance of brake pads’ friction material will be increasing.

Resin is easy to disintegrate while high temperature, in order to ensure the resistance
performance to high temperature, the ratio of resin in formulation of brake pads is now less and less, reducing the resin can cause the friction material lack of fluidity when positive molding, thus has a significant impact on uniformity of products’ density.

In the case of the material lack of fluidity, when pressed, in addition to flatting the friction material, need press through the high-pressure extrusion.

Theory of modern friction material is: the results of pursuit of resolving to reduce the brake noise, vibration and uneven wear. After all, the results is if the density of material are uniform or not. To assure the uniform density of products material, we need standard weighing, even spread of materials, positive equal-pressure pressing, same volume of moulds, moreover, the weight, pressure, temperature, and pressing time should be recorded, traceability is important.

In view of the above pressing requirements, our company launched the brake pads produced by the Equal-Pressure Hydraulic Press.

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