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1. The importance of communication

There is a little boy called Zhao, his father every day, hard work, with little time to accompany him chat, and even havn’t time to eat together, so Zhao would like to spend ten dollars, which is half-day wage of his farther, to buy Dad’s half-day, then the father felt the practice is wrong, asked the reasons and felt very uncomfortable, since we see the importance of communication.

2.Communication funnel
100% of what you think, what you said is only 80%, what he or she heard is 60%, only 20% of his actions. From what you think about 100% to 20% of people act, deviation of 80%, we should progress 60%, at least 80% is considered to be effective communication.

3.Personality category: five kind of personality types

Firstly, tiger type: king, authoritative, very confident and dominant, creative, decisive, independent, have courage to challenge;

Secondly, panda type: gentle, very cooperative, friendly, organized, rhythmed, stable;

Thirdly, peacock type: very friendly, enthusiastic, love to express themselves, be capable to create a pleasant working environment, be good at interpersonal communication;

Fourth, owl type: very precise, organized, attention to details, look into the process;

Fifth, chameleon type: adaptability, high degree of adaptability, play what like, very easy to adapt to the environment.

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