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 With today’s fast development of AUTO industry, car’s safety and green environment gets specially important, which also ask the new requests of brake pads constantly improved. The brake pads through the outer pressure, and causing the friction, so make the cars slow down. Therefore, durability and heat resistance of the material of brake pads is very important.
1.appropriate friction coefficient data: the friction coefficient data must be suitable. If the friction coefficient data is lower than 0.3,when braking, the car will surpass the safety brake distance and causing the braking failure. If the friction coefficient data is higher than 0.4, which will cause suddenly locking and making the car overturn .The Bosch safety brake pads is 0.39, which is just moderate for the brake pads.
2. Reliable stability: when the car drive fast speed or at the moment of urgently brake, at this time when will cause high temperature. During the high temperature, the brake coefficient data will be down. we call it heating fading. And the brake safety depend on the heat fading resistence. So the brake coefficient must be moderate and stable.
3. Satisfactory comfort: Comfort is directly show the fiction material ‘s performance, which include: brake feeling, noise, dust, abnormal smell. Among these index, noise is the most important care for the customer.
4. Reasonable life: service life is an important index , customers normally focus on this index. Normally,30000 km is for the front brake pads.80000 km is for the rear brake pads.
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