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In February 8, 2015, The Annual Summarization Convention 2014 of Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co, LTD was held at the company's conference room. All the logistics staff attended. Our Vice General Manager, Limei, presided over the meeting.

Firstly, a representative of Supervisor, a representative of Assistant Director , and a representative of staff spoke at the meeting. Every speaker shared the experience with us, we benefit greatly.

Secondly, The General Manager Mr. Song made a statement of the Year 2014 and deployed the work in 2015. He analyzed the overall economic situation in 2014 and the company's development. He told us that society are taken care of by professional

people. We have professionals in charge of different aspects. Finally, Mr. Song ended his speech with this saying , where there is a will, there is a way.

Thirdly, We conducted the democratic appraisal.

Fourthly, All staff signed honest self-discipline. This aims to improve the all staff’s consciousness of


This annual summarization deserves thought-provoking, however, we firmly believe that the future of our

company will be better.

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