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 Ability is important, but there is one thing which is more important than ability, that is character.
Character, is the highest level of education which is really the basis of capability, in today's society is scarce and precious quality label. Character and ability, which is like the left and right hand;
The people only with ability and without character is incomplete . Character decides attitude, attitude determines action, action determines the final result. Character is crucial, no one would be willing to trust, and pay attention to employees with poor character.
Good character has become a solid foundation for career promotion and advancement to modern people.
These 12 kinds of character below are more important than the ability.
Firstly, loyalty- thinking on the position of the boss, safeguarding the interests of the company loyally, standing the test in the face of temptation.
Secondly, dedication - the purpose is not only to reward work, to provide services beyond the remuneration, willing to make personal sacrifices for the work.
Thirdly, initiative-do not for someone to explain everything, changing from the “ask me to do” to “I want to do”, doing something on our own initiative. High standard requirements: request one step, do three steps.
Fourth, take responsibility– sense of responsibility is the core. A promise that will be kept. Don’t leave problems to other people.
Fifth, focus on efficiency - quantify your daily work, procrastination is the most vicious killers of career; pay attention to primary and secondary, avoid perfectionism becoming the enemy of efficiency.
Sixth, results-oriented- try the best to complete the task at the first time, furthermore, performed the task beyond expection.
Seventy, be good at communicating-saying too much and do not say are both wrong, to ask questions with a plan, and cultivate the Emotional Quotient of accepting criticism.
Eighth, cooperative-one should subject to the overall arrangement, avoid to become the weakness in the whole team.
Ninth, aggressive - always keep up with the pace of the company, remaining “empty cup mentality”, to learn and to develop their own "comparative advantage", to challenge ourselves.
Tenth, modest-can’t be arrogant, respect the others, and strive to achieve worthy of the name. the honor can be used for impetus.
Eleventh, saving-do not waste every piece of paper, do not waste every minute of working time; while spending every penny of the company, we should receive the maximum benefit. Savings are profits.
Twelfth, thanksgiving-think about who made the current you, the company gave you the job, the job supplied the opportunity to learn and grow, colleagues cooperate with you, the customers help you to create a performance, the opponents allows you to see the gap, critics make you tend to perfect.
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