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The RONGBANG Overall Learning System launched at the beginning of January,2015, and opened a new tide of everybody to learn. This system offers a large variety of options to cater to the needs of employees, including management courses, vocational curriculum and so forth. Most of employees learn on this system every day. The courses explain meticulous and the important points of knowledge are made a mark in a different color , so that we can identify and record. These courses are very worthy of our study. It’s very easy for us to gain from the richness of their diversity.

Every time we open the full-learning system, we feel there are a lot of courses should learn. In order to

be able to pass the exam, we write the important things carefully. We believe that this system is the best new-year gift of our company . There is an old saying that “ To teach one how to fish rather than just giving one a fish.”

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