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In order to enhance the control of products quality, the QA department Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts CO., LTD take the basic inspection capability as the starting point, paying attention tothe training of the basic inspection ability through the “three Reinforce”, further enhancing the quality inspectors’ comprehensive quality. The first is to strengthen learning, enhancing the professional competence. We designedlyorganizethe inspectors to learn on the related inspection and measurement knowledge system, andorganize regular evaluation test, fill in the parts where it is weak. At the same time, according to the actual work, strengthen the statistical knowledge through training. Improve the quality inspectors’ analytical ability of PQC (production quality control), providing a solid foundation of supplying premium products to our customers. The second is to strengthen incentive, to create atmosphere, carry out product quality control contest, appraise and elect the excellent quality inspectors. Create monthly selection and performance assessment, increase the inspectors’ working enthusiasm and create a positive atmosphere. The third is to strengthen communication, interactive promoting. Grasping the two main subjects, customer satisfaction and product quality control, continuing to develop innovative forms, we launched the “quality control technology seminar” and “product quality control post competition” and so forth. At the same time, we increase the communication of every department, invite the external experts to give us onsite guidance, which enhance the detection level, and enrich their experience by learning from each other, to achieve the purpose of common progress.
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