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 The "2014 China auto parts industry Internet conference and annual brand feast of automobile industrial was held in Beijing Huicong Industry Park on 2014-11-21.This big feast is sponsored by testing center of auto parts of HUICONG . ZHONGJI The auto parts industry association leadership, industry experts, representatives of enterprises and domestic authoritative media---All attended this big event.

The selection last for 4 months, taken four steps: special net friend evaluation; micro letter to vote; auto distributors; expert review .And “Seven Awards been presented--- “wearing parts brand;” “brake pad;” “filter innovation brand ;” "famous brand brake pad", "famous brand filter", "brake pads national brand", "filter national brand" "person of the year"
“SuoYe brake, safe and silent.”During this conference, our brand of SUOYE is warded famous brand brake pad in china .This award depended on all Rongbang people’s hard work and creation. We devoted to making great contribution to the brake pad industry.
SuoYe brake pads ten years of market operation get the auto industry's consistent high praise and obtained the general customers trust. In the future ,we will keep working hard and make better products for the customers. We hope we can make a better tomorrow.

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