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 From 16 to 20 September 2014, Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co., LTD attended the Automechanika Frankfurt with high-level special exhibit construction. This exhibition is one of the most effective exhibition that we have ever attended, with customers of higher quality and better intention.

The Germany is the first one held the Automotive Exhibition. In 1897, the first Automotive Exhibition was held in Berlin, and later transferred to the Frankfurt on the 35th. The Exhibition, which is held once every two years, is one of the most prestigious five International Exhibitions, and one of the three largest Auto Parts Exhibitions. The exhibitors are from mostly the USA, Europe and Japan, especially in the European automobile manufacturers are in the majority.
The area of the exhibition reached 235,000 square meters, a total of more than 1100 companies to participate in the. Not only the leading automobile enterprises such as the VW, GM, Daimler-Chrysler, Ford are all attended, and attracted more than 10000 journalists from 75 countries. Because the Germany is the headstream of famous car, near the car's headquarters, the number of European consumers look at the Frankfurt auto show is numerous, and consumer psychology is very mature, the automobile knowledge is very comprehensive, directly affect the effect of the exhibition.

Eighty percent of the exhibitors and forty percent of the audience are from outside of Germany, its international

influence, provides vast opportunities for the development of this industry. Automechanika with consistent depth and

breadth, with the degree of internationalization and specialization of the exhibitors and the audience, by virtue of its

influence in the industry, undoubtedly become the first choice to participate in a global auto

parts fair. Rongbang Spare Parts is also a bright part.

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