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 Our company organized the activity of blood donation without repayment at 8:30 in the morning on March 6th, 2014. The leaders and the staff took part in it positively.

Blood donation is not a big issue, but every drop of blood was entrusted the best wishes from the donators. This is the most unselfish dedication. Blood donation without repayment is a show for loving others and loving the society. We hope more and more people can experience the fact that no harm to your health for blood donation, only need a little courage. Because of real, so dedication; because of dedication, so happy; because of happy, so there were glory and pride on our staff’s faces all the time.

Blood donation without repayment, we are going! And we hope more and more people can join this rank. We will create the miracle of life by using our meager strength. We believe our future will be better as long as we work together.

Let’s donate some loving heart for the society together!

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