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Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co.,Ltd is beginning in the glorious 2014,our Company implements the humanized management mode from the beginning of 2004, there’s a good dormitory which provide floor heating in winter free, he bathroom is opened 24 hours ,and the convenient, neat, clean canteen which has compensation from company ,the free water, electricity, warm heating provide . There’s also many entertainment facilities, like KTV rooms, billiard, table tennis hall and gymnasium. We try our best to provide a enrich cultural life and clean , safe and warmly family to our workers and staffs Our company increasing the production line operators continuely in 2014, in order to complete the gole of 7 million sets brake pads in 2014.And we reached 400 million yuan which up 151.57% than 2013,all of these is connected with the strategy of the leaders in company, and also thanks to the support from society and hard works from our workers .
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Shandong Rong Bang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


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