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In March 12th, still a running car because the brake heating, circuit ageing, suddenly the occurrence of spontaneous. As the driverwas at a loss, but pass by the police timely aid, to help put out the fire.

The morning of March 12th, Shangyou County Public Security Bureau police Ceng Hui, Nie Weiguo went to the village to carry out"hanging point to send the policy, warmth, and send service" workon the way, found Ganfeng line Fu Ao highway segments in a black SUV rear right ignition, more serious is the oil pipe has burst, with burning oil fire Wang, the tank is also the fire burned "squeak"sound straight, if the fire can not be effectively controlled in time, most likely exploded, the driver be at a loss what to do about it. Ceng Hui, Nie Weiguo regardless of danger, quickly stepped forward, with the sand at ignition point, after half an hour of efforts,the fire was extinguished. After the preliminary investigation, thecar ignition system brake line heating, caused by aging. Liu Chao.

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