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The first glance Regal inside his pass, after looking back the olfactory, taste sense of movement on GS's body, would like to have some more exciting? OK. Fire, gene evolution, let us show you abath after the fire intelligent drive leopard!
The appearance of the upgrade

This is a Buick Regal GS modification, upgrade report, evolvedagain to "Auto Club joy drive track" test, from inside to outside,from the visible to not to feel, your eyes will be so many changes inthe GS, and last of all, we will be seen through the test datamodification before and after the. Well, start now!

The aerodynamic kit

Aerodynamic package installation, in order to improve the stabilityof vehicle at high speed, at the same time, harmonious atmospherepackage selection, for the appearance of the vehicle also play a role in landscaping.1Germany Irmscher front lip, PU material:beautiful appearance at the same time reduce the air resistance,improve the stability of the high-speed driving, avoid turbulencealso increase pressure of 2 German Irmscher side skirts, PU material: reduce the air from the bottom through increased underpressure, at the same time reduce the air resistance of 3 wing,empennage, role the carbon fiber material: lightweight carbon fibermaterials of large size instead of the original tail, reduce weight at the same time, at the high additional gain greater roof and reardownforce, improve stability.

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