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The exhibition of Automechanika Dubai 2016 was held successfully on May 8th to May 10th, 2016. Our booth attracted many customers, the customer representatives are busy with the inquires and business negotiations. I am very grateful today to see the thriving Rongbang.

When we attended the Automechanika Dubai in 2007 at the first time, The International Sales Department of Shandong Rongbang Spare Parts Co., LTD was just established. Not being taken seriously, not to be concerned about, and even the booth contractor treated us differently, they made a mistake on our companys name and our neighbor’s name, and refused to amend! We persisted in so embarrassed condition in the whole show.

Persevering we transform step by step, from the initial to be scoffed, to be recognized and then to be respected, our team took ten years. The customer A are planning to get married next week and we prepared beautiful wrapped gift, he was touched by this pleasant surprise, the wife of customer M expects to be confined several hours later, but he insist on have a dinner with us before our departure, then hurried away for hospital. The customer Z came to our booth to say goodbye with us through heavy traffic from another city, spent four or five hours. We are deeply touched, thank you so much for your great support.

Our production line in Germany will soon put into operation, many customers are interested and cannot wait to make a visit there and pursue cooperation. The chain stores of Mancando are expanding vigorously. We must do better to cater for a rapid and global development.

See you in Dubai next year!

International department minister Li Mei

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