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To find a way to improve working, solve problems, get creative, we need to consciously reserve a little time to think alone. More effective approach is to set aside 10 minutes each day "have a meeting with ourselves," you can refer to the following three steps:

1.Warm-up: report the situation to ourselves.
Including the following contents: ask ourselves what is the most interesting thing recently, which is the most impressive thing, what sentiment in our work and life, and so on. This section does not require deep thinking about the work, only simply describe the current situation, focus on ourselves, then gradually enter the dialogue with oneself.

2.Question: convert troubles into how to do
Reviewing the situation, may gradually perceive trouble source in mind, first write down all the troubles one by one, ask yourself "how to do to solve the problems" to encourage yourself to find possible solutions. Each meeting preferably only select a worry, so as not to cause too many problems and add new distress, or felt pain and give up.

3.Decide the proposals: put in to-do list.
Through dialogue with oneself, you will find many ways to solve the problems, the task taken positive development, even if have a meeting alone, we should make a record, add the proposals into the to-do list and schedules, remind yourself to do it, and thus effectively improve working and increase efficiency.

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