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Tired of work have a look America oil magnate Rockefeller gave to his son to write the letter

(John Rockefeller (1839 - 1937) America industrialist, founder of Mobil Oil Corp)

Work is to add life taste of salt. But the people must love it, work togive the greatest boon, maximize the results.

Love is a belief. With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. A great painter said, "the pain will pass, but beautiful forever". But some people obviously are not smart enough, they have ambitions, but then too critical,always looking for the "perfect" employer or work. The fact is,employers need to work on time,

honest efforts of employees, the chance he will only pay rise and promotion for employees who work extra hard, particularly loyal, very enthusiastic, spend more timedoing things, because he was running a business, rather than

in philanthropy, he needs is the more valuable person.

Income is only a by-product of your work, do what you should do,well done you do, the ideal salary is bound to.

The work is a kind of attitude, it determines our happiness. The same is Mason, the same stone in the sculpture, if you

ask: "whatare you doing here?" one of them would say: "you see, I'm stone cutting, cut through this I can go home."

This person will work as a punishment, a word in his mouth is most often is "tired out".

Another person may say: "you see, I'm doing sculpture. This is avery hard work, but the reward is high. After all, I have a wife and four children, they need food and clothing." Such people are always regarded the work burden, and often spit

in his mouth the words "bring home the bacon".

Third people may put down the hammer, proudly pointing to theStone said: "you see, I'm doing a work of art." Such

people are always proud of the work, work for the music, most commonly spit in his mouth the word is "this work is

very meaningful".

Heaven and hell by their own construction. If you give the meaning of work, regardless of size, you will feel happy, self

setting resultsregardless of the level, will make work fun. If you didn't like do, any simple things become difficult,

boring, when you shouted the work is very tiring, even if you don't sell strength, you will also feel be dead beat, but will never be the same. That's the way it is.

If you view work as a pleasure, life is paradise; if you view work asa duty, life is hell. Examine your attitude, that makes us feel happy.

The marketing department Zhang Haifeng


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